5 products that are built to last


KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Shopping can feel like a treadmill that no one can climb off of. It seems like you buy a pallet of paper towels at the store one week and you’re back at the next for more.

While buying paper towels won’t break the bank, no one wants to shell out for new cookware every year. Some items, though, are built to last.

KitchenAid mixers remain the crème de la crème of wedding-registry gifts. Many brides hope a wealthy aunt or uncle will be feeling generous. They’re not cheap, but they have many uses and are so sturdy they may outlast the marriage. KitchenAid stand-mixers come with two-year, hassle-free replacement warranties, but most people who own one will tell you these mixers will last well beyond that.

Doc Martens are the instantly recognizable, original icon in footwear. The 1460 was initially engineered for industry, but quickly became a symbol of rebellious self-expression among punk rockers and other various subcultures. Their bold, chunky, or clunky style, isn’t for everyone, but those who wear them move in comfort. If the Doc Martens For Life line of shoes and boots hits the right note with your budget, they come with a lifetime guarantee.

Briggs and Riley Luggage are sturdy. You may remember the commercial where a gorilla bashes a bag in the airport handling area, as if there’s a banana milkshake inside. Briggs and Riley would take the bashing. These bags don’t start out cheap, but once you buy one, the company’s lifetime repair guarantee even covers damage caused by an airline. Now, that’s a good guarantee.

School kids and campers use JanSport backpacks the most. Those same two groups of people don’t take it easy on backpacks. Find a classic design at JanSport, and your pack of choice might take your kid from kindergarten through college, or haul your camp gear from Alaska to the Everglades in Florida. If it ever breaks down, the company’s lifetime warranty says they’ll fix, replace or refund it.

Zippo lighters have lit up American history and pop culture since the company’s founding in 1932. Vietnam War soldiers often had theirs engraved with funny or brassy slogans. The company promises its Windproof lighter will work, or they’ll fix it for free, even if it’s 50 years old.

Though these products come with some of the best warranties and guarantees out there, you still need to read the fine print before handing over your hard-earned cash. Some warranties only cover products from a certain “line of items,” or have other restrictions, so you need to read that fine print.

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