6 On Your Side Answers: Cheaper isn’t always better


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Everyone wants to save a dollar or two this holiday season, but in our pursuit of savings, there are some areas in which we shouldn’t skimp.

There are some items that can end up costing you more if you try to go the cheap route.


Cheap toys don’t always work right and they seem to break easily. Then, you end up with a frustrated child.

Instead of loading up on cheap toys, buy higher-quality items that you can afford and your kids will really like. They will last and probably hold your child’s interest longer, too.

Car seats

It is always worth spending money on your child’s safety, so don’t skimp on car seats.

Check out car seat reviews and buy the best one that you can afford.

Whatever you do, never buy a secondhand car seat or booster. If it’s been in a crash, its integrity could be compromised. Also, the plastic may be degraded on an old car seat after years of sitting in the sun or freezing in the winter.


Inexpensive paint may seem like a bargain, but you could end up spending more overall if you have to paint and then repaint to get the coverage you need.

Not only could you end up using more paint initially, but bargain brands may also be less durable – which means you’ll be repainting again in no time.

You also don’t have to run out and buy the most expensive brands, either – many midrange brands make perfectly good products.


Kids are rough on their shoes, but cheap shoes tend to quickly develop holes in the top, or their soles tend to separate.

For adults, it’s a mixed bag when it comes to buying more expensive shoes. More money may mean better quality materials.

But, if you sit at a desk all day, that might not make much difference. However, if you have to replace them more than once a year, you might want to upgrade your purchases.

Health insurance

Cheap health insurance plans may have high deductibles, restricted provider networks, and hoops to jump through for specialist care.

In some cases, a policy with low premiums may be the right choice; however, rather than shopping based on premium prices alone, look for deductible amounts per family and per individual, as well as co-payments for office visits, emergency and specialist care.


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