6 Storm Team Starwatch: Monday, October 28th – Sunday, November 3rd 2019


Welcome to the 14th edition of 6 Storm Team Starwatch! This is a blog that will be posted every Monday that will list events happening in the sky this week! 

Thursday, October 31st 2019

Tonight the Moon will be seen near Jupiter. The Moon and Jupiter will be in close proximity to each other. The Moon will be shaped like a crescent and will be low in the Southwest sky. To its lower right is where Jupiter will sit (Sky & Telescope).


Image of Jupiter courtesy of NASA: http://www.nasa.gov/sites/default/files/thumbnails/image/stsci-h-p1936a-m-1999×2000.png

Friday, November 1st 2019

Tonight at dusk the crescent Moon will be seen to the lower right of Saturn (Sky & Telescope)!


Sunday, November 3rd 2019

This morning at 2 AM is Daylight Savings Time for North America. We will fall back an hour, so you gain an hour of sleep!

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