6 Storm Team Starwatch: The Great Conjunction and the Winter Solstice!


Welcome to the 66th edition of 6 Storm Team Starwatch! This is a blog that will be posted every week that will list events happening in the sky!

Monday, December 21st 2020

There is a lot going on in the sky on Monday! First off, Monday night you will be able to see the Great Conjunction (NASA). The Great Conjunction marks when Jupiter and Saturn are closest to each other (NASA). This is sometimes called the “Christmas Star” (NASA). It has been nearly 400 years since these two planets have passed this close to each other and nearly 800 years since this occurred at night (NASA).

The best time to look for the Great Conjunction will be about an hour after sunset if you look to the Southwest (NASA).

Additionally, today marks the start of astronomical winter! December, 21st 2020 is the winter solstice! Remember, the tilt of the Earth determines the seasons. On this day, the Earth’s axis is tilted away from the Sun in the Northern Hemisphere, resulting in the shortest day and longest night for the Northern Hemisphere.

Finally, tonight also marks the First Quarter Moon (NASA). Remember, a First Quarter Moon looks like a half moon.

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