KODAK (WATE) – A seven-year-old from Ohio diagnosed with cancer got the surprise of his life Wednesday in Kodak when he was made an honorary Tennessee Smokies baseball player for a day.

Camdyn King was diagnosed with neuroblastoma for the third time in September and was told he only had one month to live. He’s been getting blood transfusions twice a week and his parents weren’t sure if he could even make the trip. Camdyn says he loves sports, particularly baseball.

Seeing Camdyn swing the mat and move with ease, you’d never know he has cancer.

“He’s been struggling for years. He was diagnosed at three years old and he’s seven now. And he’s been in remission a couple of times and it’s spread throughout his bod,” said his mom Renee King.

Camdyn couldn’t have been more alive on Wednesday as he was welcomed to Smokies Stadium with cheers and signed his name on a one-day contract with the Smokies, even getting his own jersey and baseball cap.

“I’m just overwhelmed with gratitude with what a blessing this is for our family and for Camdyn. He looked a me a couple of minutes ago and said, ‘Mommy I’m a real baseball player,'” said Renee King. “In Camdyn’s words he’s told me, ‘God has a plan whether I die as a kid or not, if I’m healed or not. God has a plan for my life.'”

Playing for the Smokies was exciting, but Camdyn says the best part of the surprise was getting to meet the team’s mascots. During his visit, Camdyn got to hit the ball several times and ran all the bases, something his mom says he hasn’t been able to do in a month.

“It’s just such a blessing to be able to see him enjoy this and have this experience is amazing,” she said. “I wan to save this moment forever.”

The family is staying at the Oak Haven Resort in Pigeon Forge until the end of the week and plan to visit a number of attractions.