About 50 bags of trash dumped at Crossville cemetery


CROSSVILLE (WATE) – A Cumberland County woman wants to know who dumped several bags of trash near where her son is buried. She called WATE 6 On Your Side concerned about the Bolin Cemetery in Crossville and she’s hoping to get answers.

“It just tears my heart out,”said Helen Selby of Crossville. “To come down here to visit my son’s grave and to see such a mess.”

Selby’s 17-year-old son was killed by a drunk driver in 1993.

Just feet from his grave were about 50 bags of garbage.

Inside those trash bags were beer and liquor bottles.

Selby is the secretary for the cemetery.

She says the have been stolen from the cemetery before, but nothing like this has ever happened.

Shelby and a few family members went through the bags to look for clues.

They found a piece of mail with a name and address on it and reported it to the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office.

“It just breaks my heart and I’m sure that it does to other people. It’s not just my son, you know, it’s all the people in this cemetery,”she said.

Selby and her family left the trash there as evidence with the hope that deputies will make an arrest or the person responsible will come back to clean it up.

“I’m begging whoever did this, don’t do it anymore. Don’t do it anywhere. Not just at a cemetery, but have a little bit of respect,” said Selby.

Sheriff Casey Cox says deputies are looking into a possible suspect.

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