KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) — A boy at the SEC Nation show from the University of Tennessee campus thought he’d missed his chance to meet his hero on Saturday, but little did he know he was going to end up with the memory of a lifetime.

News Channel 11’s Ashley Sharp was on the scene of Tennessee’s big game against Georgia when she spotted the heartbroken boy. He’d come to see SEC Nation co-host Tim Tebow, his hero, but hadn’t made it in time to catch him on stage. He’d even brought one of Tebow’s children’s books to get autographed.

On a normal day the boy might have gone home emptyhanded, but SEC Nation’s Laura Rutledge saw him and knew what she had to do.

Rutledge called Tebow on FaceTime, and just like that he got to meet his hero.

Not only that, Tebow said a signed copy of one of his books is on the way!

Rutledge joined the SEC Network in 2014, and has worked in multiple roles across the sports world.