KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Dolly Parton has announced a new book about her life in costume and hair.

The book was written by Parton with author Holly George-Warren and Rebecca Seaver, Parton’s director of archive services. With 450 full-color photographs, the book is described as a “beautifully illustrated celebration of Dolly Parton‘s iconic sense of style” on the book listing.

While Parton has written other books, this is the first time the full story behind her love of fashion and how she developed her distinct, Dolly style, has been shared by her.

“I am happy, proud, and excited to present my brand new book ‘Behind The Seams‘ to all of you! It is my hope that you will enjoy a look at my life in costume and hair, and get to know some of the wonderful people that have helped shape my life and look.” Parton said on Twitter.

‘Behind The Seams’ is expected to spotlight Dolly’s most unforgettable looks and feature Parton’s discussion of her memorable outfits, like the clothes her mother sewed together from feed sacks all the way to the bunny suit she wore on the cover of Playboy.

The new book is available for preorder through multiple retailers, with Dolly’s online store selling the hardcover for $45. According to the website, shipping will begin on October 17, 2023.

One name that may come up in ‘Behind The Seams’ is Steve Summers, who has long been credited as a curator for every visual element of Dolly’s career. Although when he spoke with WATE’s sister station, WKRN, in 2019 he was the Creative Director of Dolly’s wardrobe team, Summers began working for Parton as a performer at Dollywood around 30 years ago.