KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Funko Pop has announced two new figurines featuring Dolly Parton, one of which is now available for presale.

Funko released the images for the two figurines on social media on Tuesday. Both show Parton with her signature big hair and fabulous makeup, but each feature slightly different hairstyles and glamorous outfits.

Those who opt for the more widely available Pop can pick up Parton in a bright orange outfit, resembling the one she wore in her May 2014 concert in Knoxville. They could sign up to be notified when it is available for purchase through Funko for $12 or can preorder the Pop with a clear stack case for $19.76 through Walmart.

The figurine also shows Parton in a pair of glittery heels, rings, and a gemstone necklace. In that concert, Parton was seen playing a glitzy white guitar, however, the Pop features a glittery white banjo.

Fans who want the second Pop, which is a Funko exclusive, can sign up for notification when the $15 figurine is available. This Dolly sports a white rhinestoned pantsuit combination she wore in a 2015 Nashville concert as well as at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California in 2016. Sporting a very similar, pendant-style necklace, this pop shows off Parton’s famous gloves as well as the outfit’s lace flowing from the knee down.

While photos found through the Associated Press at this concert show Parton playing an acoustic-style guitar, the Pop figurine features what appears to be a glittery, white electric guitar.

“Striking a heartfelt chord with her fans all over the world, Dolly Parton inspires happiness and goodwill towards all. Keep her songs and words close with POP! Rocks Dolly Parton. Including a exclusive!” Funko said in their social media announcement.

Parton shared Funko’s posts on both Twitter and Facebook a within few hours after the posts were made. The graphic of the Pop figurines that was shared on social media also included a note that the trademarks are owned by Parton and are used under license to Funko.