KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — For those who love to listen to Dolly Parton‘s music on vinyl, the East Tennessee icon has announced a new partnership to get new copies of some of her classic records.

In the video Parton shared on Twitter, she shares that she’s excited to be the first artists with a record of the month club on Vinyl Me Please (VMP). VMP touts that the series includes long out-of-print records as well as vinyl debuts for some albums made with the highest quality sources available to Sterling Sound in Nashville, including some that were sourced from fully analog tapes. Each album will be an exclusive color vinyl with a heavyweight jacket and custom obi strip, VMP said.

“Join me as I celebrate a record from throughout my life every month, for a whole year!” Parton said.

The collection is described in the video as 12 months of Dolly Parton curated by Dolly and Vinyl Me Please and is said to cover the length of her career, from her debut to today. According to VMP

“A year-long celebration of Dolly Parton. This 12-month subscription will tell the story of Dolly’s legendary career through 12 of her favorite albums.” VMP says on its website that there are limited quantities available.

Starting in April, one album will be shipped every month to those who subscribe. The albums to be included are:

  • April 2023 – “My Tennessee Mountain Home” (1973)
  • May 2023 – “Little Sparrow” (2001)
  • June 2023 – “Blue Smoke” (2014) with mystery merch included
  • July 2023 – “Just Because I’m a Woman” (1968)
  • August 2023 – “9 to 5 and Odd Jobs” (1980)
  • September 2023 – “Backwoods Barbie” (2008) with mystery merch included
  • October 2023 – “Hello, I’m Dolly” (1967)
  • November 2023 – “Jolene” (1974)
  • December 2023 – “Halos & Horns” (2002) with mystery merch included
  • January 2024 – “Better Day” (2011)
  • February 2024 – “Those Were the Days” (2005)
  • March 2024 – “New Harvest… First Gathering” (1977) with mystery merch included

Those who are considering adding these records to their collection can choose from a three-month, six-month, or 12-month option during the Limited Subscription Track according to the website. Prices range from $128 for a three-month subscription up to $435 for a 12-month term in the United States. The subscription is available outside of the U.S., however, prices are higher.

For more information about the Vinyl Me Parton collection, click here.

VMP is known for its offerings of old and new vinyl records, anthology collections, records of the month and the recent addition of repressing of previous records of the month.