NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — NFL Hall of Famer Kurt Warner made his way back to Nashville, which may be difficult for Tennessee fans after the St. Louis Rams beat the Titans in Super Bowl XXXIV in 2000 by just one yard.

“Good memories for me anytime I’m talking to Titans fans because I’ve got the upper hand on that one,” Warner joked.

Before he played in the Super Bowl, Warner was stocking shelves at a supermarket. His story plays out in the new movie American Underdog.

During filming, residents were asked to take part in a scene shot at Lipscomb University, and Tennesseans showed up! “We had no problem to get the people that we wanted to come out and support, even though they may not have been big Kurt Warner fans,” he said. “They came out and did a great job for us.”

It was nearly four years Warner worked to finally hold a roster spot in the NFL. At times, he wondered why it couldn’t be a little easier. “There were moments of frustration, and I just thought ‘Why, why can’t I get the opportunity?’” he said.

As the film depicts, Warner leaned on a good support system — his wife, Brenda Warner — and his faith, to turn his dream into reality. Now, Warner is considered the “best undrafted NFL player of all time.”

So, what does Warner say about the Titans this year?“Titans are rolling this year! They look really, really good,” Warner said.

American Underdog debuts in theaters on Christmas Day.