KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A Clinton man was recently honored for his efforts in helping save his neighbor’s life.

Anderson County Mayor Terry Frank named March 25, 2023, as Kyle Case Day. Case, a former paramedic and a current emergency room travel nurse, his family, Chalice Bingham, and his family members received the proclamation plaque at the Courthouse.

“It’s part of my training. It’s my nature. Even if I’m off-duty, if someone needs help, I’m going to render aid,” Case said.

In early November, Bingham was working on a project in his backyard when he collapsed “with excruciating chest pain.” His wife helped him to the car in the garage and called 911 as the pain continued.

According to a release from the mayor’s office, Case was coming home as first responders arrived at Bingham’s home. As soon as he was home, he spoke with the first responders and “immediately” stepped in to help.

Case shared that Bingham has an “ashen-gray look” and his pulse was very low. He helped first responders to move Bingham from the car to the floor of the garage. He also said he ran an IV line and administered fluids.

Once EMS arrived, Case shared with the crew everything he knew about Bingham’s situation, which expedited the EMS team’s treatment. The mayor’s office shared that the pre-hospital test results indicated Bingham was suffering a major heart attack. Bingham was taken to Parkwest Medical Center in Knoxville. According to the ICU doctor, the quick and knowledgeable actions of Case saved Bingham’s life.

Case said “just being able to see Chalice come home, and to see him walking around, and talking to him. I’m glad I was home that day. Yes, I had a hand in it, but ultimately, God is in control. Just the fact that Chalice is home and doing better is reward enough for me.”