ANDERSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WATE) — A wildfire in Anderson County has been burning since midday on Wednesday and has continued to grow in size.

The fire has been slowly creeping down the hillside near New River Highway because of issues like dry leaves and dry ground. Some of the open logging areas are also making it difficult due to the vegetation there.

“We have behind us, older growth and leaf litter,” Anderson County Area Forester Bruce Miller said. “In these logging areas, you might have some grasses in it and might have some smaller trees that are susceptible to burning which increases the fuel loading and that increases how much fire activity we have.”

This wildfire has put three structures in danger but the Division of Forestry has since protected those homes.

One of the homeowners said he is not super worried about the fire itself but the smoke from it is causing some unrest. Division of Forestry has a plan in place to protect the home even more as the small flames work their way down the hillside.

“Not to harm as much of the tinder as possible,” Miller said. “We are just going to let this fire slowly creep down and as it gets right down close to the house we will put it out. We don’t want to put fire back on it because that would run back up and increase the possible danger.”

The crews fighting this fire are able to use some of their old fire lines from years past due to the fact that this area has seen a number of fires over the years and this is just one advantage they have with this fire compared to other fires burning in East Tennessee.

Crews are expecting enough rain to come through and help suppress the fires.

They are also asking for people who do decide to burn, that they make sure to stay with the fire at all times and call 9-1-1 if any fire escapes.