Angela Boswell’s aggravated burglary charge dismissed, new charges issued


SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) – Angela Boswell, grandmother of deceased toddler Evelyn Boswell, appeared in court by video on Thursday morning for a hearing regarding her aggravated burglary charge.

A neighbor of the home Angela is accused of breaking into was called as a witness and said in his testimony that on March 25, Angela, a man he did not recognize and another woman pulled into a neighboring lot at 396 West Valley Drive.

The neighbor said he saw Angela and the man, who authorities believe to be Larry Chad Fields, exit the vehicle and go to the front porch of the neighboring mobile home.

The neighbor said he could not see what Angela and the man were doing once they were on the porch and lost sight of them for what he guessed to be about five minutes.

The neighbor said he saw the two of them return to the car holding what looked like a black box and something like a tri-pod.

He believes he saw Angela, who he knew, wave at him while they loaded the items into the vehicle. He said they returned to the home three times.

The neighbor did not call authorities and did not see how Angela and the man entered the home.

Detective Jonathan Bright of the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office gave testimony next and identified himself as the lead investigator into the alleged burglary.

Detective Bright said when he arrived at the mobile home, he found the door jam to the front door had been pried open, with metal bent and wood on the door frame broken.

After determining several items were missing, Bright went to an address in the 1500 block of Fuller Street and found Angela with several men and a woman identified as Maggie Burk.

Angela was read her Miranda Rights and agreed to them, which investigators say was captured over audio.

Bright said Angela then told him she, Larry Chad Fields and Maggie Burk had gone to the home on West Valley Drive and loaded up several items before driving off, but Bright said that Angela claimed it had been Fields’ idea.

Bright did not recall Angela ever saying how they entered the home or what exactly was taken.

While being booked into the Sullivan County Jail, Bright said a small bag of a crystal-like substance and what appeared to be a counterfeit $50 bill was found on Angela’s person.

Bright said Angela had been asked before being transported to the jail if she had any drugs on her that they should be aware of, and she said she did not.

Bright said video surveillance from neighbors of the mobile home only captured a gray Chevrolet Equinox entering the driveway and then leaving.

Bright said he has never spoken to Fields, but he did have a phone conversation with Angela at one point to see if she knew where he was.

None of the items taken from the mobile home have been recovered, according to Detective Bright.

Bright said Angela was very cooperative at the time of the arrest and never denied being at the home when asked by Angela’s publicly-appointed attorney, Whitney Taylor.

The last witness called was the owner of the mobile home and Angela’s father, David Jones.

Jones said Angela had been living at the home with him, his wife and William McCloud about a week before the incident.

Jones said he and his wife informed Angela that McCloud would no longer be allowed to stay at the home, and Angela left the residence about a day after he did.

Jones said Angela did not have a key to the home, but she herself was welcome back at any time and had permission to move any of her own personal items there.

When asked by Assistant Attorney General Joshua Parsons, Jones confirmed that a large Samsung TV, a smaller Emerson TV, a shotgun and pistol belonging to his wife and a handsaw of his had been taken from the home. Jones said nobody had permission to take those items from the home.

Jones said the door to the home did have damage, but he said it had been minor damage and just “jimmied a little bit.” Jones said the deadbolt had not been locked at the time Angela entered the home.

Jones said he has never given a written or recorded statement, but he was aware of a police report. However, an affidavit of complaint originally used by the court had said Angela did not have permission to be at the home, which Jones said on Thursday was not true.

Angela’s charge of aggravated burglary was dismissed.

Judge Mark Toohey found probable cause to charge Angela with theft under $10,000, introduction of contraband into a penal facility, possession of counterfeit money and criminal simulation.

Angela was bound over to the Sullivan County Grand Jury and was given a bond of $50,000, which is separate from her bond in Bristol related to a stolen vehicle which was sought by investigators in the Evelyn Boswell case.

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