Another shake up in staffing at Morristown animal shelter


MORRISTOWN (WATE) – Three big issues hang over the Morristown-Hamblen Humane Society: records, money and staff.

Just last week, former worker Chris Collins was accused of theft. This week, two employees along with the shelter director, who was voted in just seven months ago, were ousted.Previous story:Man charged with stealing funds from Morristown-Hamblen Humane Society

Between the barks at Morristown-Hamblen Humane Society, there’s a job for Perry Hall to do. He’s the interim shelter director, having that title for just the last few days.

“I have a lot of people helping me, and I need that definitely too, to be able to help the animals,” he said.

It’s a large undertaking as three employees have just been dismissed. Still, Hall’s mission is a simple one.

“To make sure all these animals are taken care of and to see if we can find them, all of them, a good home. That is our main goal,” added Hall.

Morristown Mayor Danny Thomas explained the dismissals.

“Because there were irregularities in the time cards. Actually violations of the shelter’s policy in the employee’s handbook and falsifications of work records,” said Mayor Thomas.

Mayor Thomas says there are also issues with the shelter’s inventory and missing paperwork on rescues.

“There needs to be answers for some of those questions. There needs to be a new director hired,” he said.

Mayor Thomas believes the next step is for the shelter to be audited.

As the animals continue to be cared for, and people who live here say they hope problems are straightened out.

“Because we definitely need it. We need to protect our animals,” said Linda Bobo.

The employees recently dismissed have not responded for comment.

The Morristown-Hamblen Humane Society’s contract with the city will be up for renewal in June.

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