MADISONVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — On Thursday, President Joe Biden announced he is pulling the remaining U.S. troops from Afghanistan by Aug. 31. The date is a couple of weeks earlier than the original Sept. 11 deadline.

U.S. Army Afghan war veteran Michael Trost reflects on the 20-year war, saying this is a time in history we all should learn from.

“We did our job. I was sent out there to do a job and I did it. But you can’t stay somewhere for 20 years and that’s the definition of insanity right? Trying over and over again and trying to get a different result. I think for future generations they’ll have to look at it like what did we do right what did we do wrong.” Trost said.

Michael gave a year of his time to this war, making major sacrifices along the way.

“I was shot five times with a machine gun. I lost my right leg below my knee and I lost two fingers on my right hand and this is my big toe and part of my foot that they’ve sown onto my hand. And it was a bad day,” Trost said.

Life after Afghanistan has been much quieter. These days, Trost is tending to his farm and spending time with his wife.

“I take all my energies and I put it towards that and that’s my saving grace, that’s my therapy,” Trost said.

“I think if we could teach kids that are coming up now about this whole experience in Afghanistan is it was a noble cause, we tried to go in there and we did kill Osama bin Laden we did kill a lot of the terrorists that were in there, we did free a bunch of villages up. With that I’m proud of everything I’ve done. I’m proud of everything my guys have done for me and with me,” Trost said.