‘Baker Peters House is haunted…they’re all good spirits’

Haunted Tennessee

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – East Tennessee is known for many things – the Smoky Mountains, Dolly Parton and, as we’ve been telling you on this Halloween, some of the most haunted planes in the country.

A dinner spot in Knoxville is putting that haunted history on display, embracing the building’s more ghostly residents.

Under the neon sign of Finn’s Restaurant & Tavern at the historic Baker Peters House, there’s an unseen history.

Finn’s Tavern at Baker-Peters House. (Photo: WATE)

What is the known history of the house built in 1830 on Kingston Pike is its role in the Civil War, where the home’s owner, Dr. James Harvey Baker, lived – and died after Union troops raided it.

The doctor’s spirit, among others, is said to live in the house to theis very day.

Employees of Finn’s Tavern say even on the closing shift, they know they’re never truly alone.

“It is very haunted, very haunted,” says Finn’s Tavern co-owner, Jon Ferrie.

When you’re inside the home-turned-tavern, there’s a chance you’ll feel it.

Ferrie saying there are certain areas of the house that are “very active.”

It’s been Finn’s Tavern for almost a year, but the house is best known as Baker Peters House. Built as an elaborate Southern antebellum home by Dr. Baker, he would eventually be shot and killed inside the home by Union troops in 1863.

“He barricaded himself in the bedroom and they shot him through the door,” Ferrie explained.

The house’s rich and spooky history makes the modern-day experience more special, according to Ferrie.

The legend goes 15 spirits still continue to roam, many have been felt inside what’s now known as the Green Room, which was once a nursery.

“Tapping on their heads, flickering of their ear, tapping on their ankles… playful kids… that’s exactly what it is.”

Ferrie says those spirits made him, once a skeptic, a believer.

“I felt this cold spiral. It started on my ankles, came all the way down to my waist then up to my head, then it went back to my waist again,” he recalls. “Then it just disappeared.”

(Photo: WATE)

But these spirits aren’t big spenders – they won’t pick up your tab, but they keep the place warm and friendly.

“It’s very true: Baker Peters house is haunted,” Ferrie says. “They’re all good spirits.”

There’s a photo that hangs in the house, still, likely of the four of the last children to live in the home before Dr. Baker’s death.

(Photo: WATE)

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