Guests invited to visit ‘The Spirits Within’ Historic Ramsey House

Haunted Tennessee

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – On this All Hallow’s Eve, we’re shining a light on the dark and spooky sites of East Tennessee, going inside the Ramsey Historical House in East Knox County, where history lives on.

It’s a quiet estate, built in 1797. The Ramsey House was the home of Francis Alexander Ramsey.

Historic Ramsey House. (Photo: WATE)

The people and the history that come from this house is integral to the city of Knoxville and much more, but sometimes the past isn’t in the past.

“It can be anything from seeing a shadow walk by to hearing footsteps,” says Kelley Weatherley-Sinclair, the executive director of Ramsey House. “So, there are several that we think we have identified. One is Billy, another is Anne, another we think is Reynolds and another one is Seth. And those are all different walks of life. A child, a mother, a grandfather and we think one of the enslaved that was here as well.”

Sue Jones is the museum assistant. She says paranormal investigators have looked into the historic home before.

She explains how museum visitors have heard the voices, the steps, and feeling some presence, herself.

They keep describing the same person – a tall, thin woman with her hair up in a bun.

historic ramsey house staff

The Ramsey House staff is used to sightings, even outside the home.

“This window here, cars will go by after we are closed and call and say someone has broken into the house and after three or four times of calling the security company, they are like, ‘no one is in the house,’ They keep describing the same person – a tall, thin woman with her hair up in a bun.”

The window where a “tall, thin woman” has often been sighted. (Photo: WATE)

It’s been years since a Ramsey has lived in the house, but it’s forever – their home.

On Halloween, Ramsey House is hosting a special event called The Spirits Within, detailing the life of the people who once lived in the home and may still dwell there today.

Reservations are required and tickets are $10.

MORE ONLINE | View more information about Ramsey House here

The former occupants’ things still reside in the Historic Ramsey House. (Photo: WATE)

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