Knoxville firefighters stress safe practices when working in summer heat

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The dog days of summer are now in full swing and the Knoxville Fire Department wants you to know the best ways avoid incident when working or playing outside.

Hydration is number one recommendation during periods of high heat. Becoming dehydrated can cause your heart to work harder, increasing your risk of critical failure. In hot conditions you want to hydrate as frequently as possible.

While it can seem unsightly, sweating is another key in beating the heat. This is your body’s way of cooling itself, much like a radiator cools an engine. It’s when you stop sweating that can cause a heat stroke.

Pace yourself, take small breaks throughout the day to rehydrate and allow your body to cool down.

Wear loose, light colored clothing, a ventilated head cover and don’t forget about UV protection, at least SPF 30.

Be sure to be aware of the signs of stroke. Light-headedness, nausea, vision closing in or blurriness and hot dry skin can all be warnings. 

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