KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero is launching “Go Vote! Knoxville,” a campaign to encourage residents and business owners to get involved in selecting city council candidates who support their vision of Knoxville’s future.

Primary elections are August 29 and the general election is November 7. Voters will have the opportunity to elect five new city council members, a majority of the seats on the nine-member council.

Mayor Madeline Rogero and members of the current City Council are encouraging voters to get to know the candidates and their issues, engage in the election process and go vote. For more information, visit Knox County Election Commission’s website.


District 1

  • Greg Knox
  • Rebecca Parr
  • Stephanie Welch
  • Andrew Wilson

District 2

  • Brandon Bruce
  • Wayne Christensen
  • Andrew Roberto
  • David Williams

District 3

  • James Edward Corcoran
  • De’Ossie Deon Dingus, Sr
  • Jody Mullins
  • Seema Singh Perez

District 4

  • Dan Davis
  • Jack Knoxville
  • Amelia (Amy) Parker
  • Lauren Rider
  • Harry Tindell

District 6

  • Joyce Brown
  • John A. Butler
  • Maurice L. Clark, Sr.
  • Michael Covington
  • Charles Frazier
  • David Gillette
  • Zimbabwe U. Matavou
  • Gwen McKenzie
  • Jennifer Montgomery
  • Damon Rawls
  • Kennie Riffey
  • Shawnee Rios
  • Brandy Slaybaugh

Community meetings are being held around Knox County beginning on Monday, July 10.

  • Monday, July 10 – 1st District:

    South Knoxville Community Center, 522 Maryville Pike
  • Monday, July 17 – 2nd District:

    Deane Hill Recreation Center, 7400 Deane Hill Drive
  • Thursday, July 20 – 4th District:

    Milton Roberts Recreation Center, 5900 Asheville Highway
  • Monday, July 24 – 3rd District:

    Cumberland Estates Recreation Center, 4529 Silverhill Drive
  • Tuesday, July 25 – 6th District:

    John T. O’Connor Senior Center, 611 Winona St.
  • Thursday, Sept. 7 – 5th District:

    Christenberry Community Center, 931 Oglewood Ave.