Maynardville father to receive lifesaving gift from son killed in car crash

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A Maynardville family is mourning a loss, while celebrating the gift of life that comes with a tragedy.

Nathan Davis, 23, was killed in a car crash last week. His parents, Luther and Julia Davis, say he was airlifted to UT Medical Center where his health declined. The Davis family says Nathan Davis passed away on Sunday. His hope was to help others, even his own father, by giving the gift of life through organ donation.

“I’m smiling. I’m not dissolving in my tears,” said Julia Davis, “I can hold my head up and I can do what my son wanted me to do.”

The Davis family says Nathan Davis was full of joy, creativity, love and he had a kinship with the outdoors.

“His daddy and his sissy and I had our hands on that baby and we soothed him the best we could to let him know that it was okay. If he stayed, he stayed in love but if he went, he went into love,” said Julia Davis.

Nathan Davis’s parents say it’s life he’s still sharing and that as soon as he learned to drive, he embraced the idea of being an organ donor. 

“That fearfully and wonderfully made body is keeping those organs alive, with a lot of assistance, but those organs are going to find new homes,” said Julia Davis.

One of those new homes is Nathan Davis’s father. Luther Davis will go into surgery on Tuesday and receive a kidney from his son.

“There’s a limited window of opportunity for dialysis to keep a person living and Luther’s five and a half years into dialysis. This ensures that Luther’s going to have the opportunity to be with us a good while longer and that’s beautiful,” added Julia Davis.

She says this last week has come with a million different emotions. 

“It’s comforting. It’s what Nathan wanted and so many people getting help from this, I feel like that would make him very happy,” she said.

Through this, the Davis family says they’re holding tight to their faith knowing Nathan is saving so many.

“It is because of the Lord’s mercy and loving kindness that we are not consumed because His tender compassion will not fail. They are new every morning, great and abundant is your stability and faithfulness.”

Nathan Daivs’s story is a reminder how powerful and self-less donating an organ can be.

United Network for Organ Sharing says more than 113,000 people nationwide right now are currently on the transplant waiting list.

“There are a couple ways you can easily sign up to be an organ donor. When you’re renewing your driver’s license or getting your driver’s license. You can also go online and register to be an organ donor. But the key point in being an organ donor is make sure that your loved ones and family members know what your wishes are. It’s a very personal decision, a very important decision,” said Brent Hannah, director of transplant services at UT Medical Center.

If you would like to become an organ donor, you can register online by clicking here.

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