MORRISTOWN (WATE) – A family is grieving after 10-year-old boy, A.J Kyle was killed in a T-bone crash in Morristown Thursday.Previous StoryBoy, 10, killed in Morristown T-bone crash

“If I just had one more day, just to hold him, I’d hug him tighter and kiss him more,” said Jennifer Kyle, mother of A.J Kyle.

The family is in disbelief that this fun, loving kid is not around anymore.

“I’ll come back and I’ll be able to see AJ and then it just hits me that he really is gone. That’s when I’m not ok,” said Haylee Kyle, sister of A.J Kyle.

The family is flipping through pictures and recalling memories to help with that.

“I give him money and he’d buy pencils and sell them. I give him money and he’d spend it on his sisters,” said Darrius Kyle, brother of A.J Kyle.

Now, the family is trying to spend money on a nice funeral and headstone. However, there is a problem. The Kyle family didn’t have a life insurance policy.

“We haven’t completely paid off for the funeral service. They actually wrote a check for us for the burial,” said Jennifer Kyle.

AJ Kyle doesn’t have a headstone for his burial site right now.

“That is somewhere I can go, where I can talk to him and be with him,” said Jennifer Kyle.

It is something nice that the family says A.J deserves.

“He’d make you smile just by being there,” said Darrius Kyle.

“He was one of those kids who was so hard not to like. We could take him anywhere and he could make new friends,” said Haylee Kyle.

A friend, sibling and son who will be greatly missed.

“Anyone who has children, appreciate the time you have. Once it is gone, you never get it back,” said Jennifer Kyle.

AJ’s school, John Hays Elementary School, will be retiring his basketball jersey number. The funeral is being held on Monday afternoon in Morristown.

The family has set up a Go Fund Me page for funeral expenses and a headstone. You can donate by clicking here.

If you do not want to donate on the Go Fund Me page, you can donate at any TVA in Knoxville.