Shining Light Equestrian needs new location to continue riding therapy program

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A local organization helping those with special needs now has a need of its own. Shining Light Equestrian is searching for a new home to continue its riding therapy program. 

“The location has been for sale for several years and it has sold. So now we have to move in 21 days. October 19 is our deadline to find a new home, not only for the ministry, but for my own personal home,” said Sara McGinniss, the owner of Shining Light Equestrian.

The organization hopes to get a 45 acre property in Powell. More than $140,000 has to be funded. 

Through the years, the non-profit has helped a number of people with special needs. 

McGinniss adds, “The families that we touch have amazing, miraculous testimonies. We witness miracles on a regular basis while we partner with these equestrians.”

There are 15 horses in the program and the owner says there needs to be enough space at a new location to hold all of them. 

Callahan Chambers is five years old and she’s been riding her horse Rosie for the last year and a half to help with her Spina bifida and medical issues.

“The doctors told us about two years ago that she would never go to the bathroom on her own, that we would have to do enemas and catheters everyday for the rest of her life,” said Sheli Chambers, Callahan’s mother. 

Sheli refused to accept that fate for her daughter. 

“She was at a place, Callie was, at four years old where she was crying everyday. She was upset. She had no confidence,” said Chambers. 

With the help of riding therapy, the Chambers no longer have to travel to the doctor every couple of weeks and Callahan’s quality of life has improved.

“We put the rider over, they’re laying on their stomach. The horse’s spine helps massage the gut which passes it through,” said McGinniss. 

Chambers adds, “I am thankful that we have Sarah and that we have these horses and that we have this place to come to, that helps her.”

Shining Light Equestrian wants to continue helping families in need and they need your help to make it happen.

There are several ways you can donate: 

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