Two restaurants rescored to 98 after initial low health ratings

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The two low-scoring restaurants serve lots of people daily.

The Knox County Health Department observed critical violations at Fountain City’s Tequila Amigo Mexican Grill and O’Charley’s in Turkey Creek. 

Tequila Amigo scored a 79 while O’Charley’s scored an 83. A score below 70 is considered ‘unsanitary’ by the health department.

At Tequila Amigo, an inspector found clean utensils stored in a dirty container. A dishwasher and cutting board were observed to be dirty. The cutting had not been sanitized as mandated by code. 

The inspector also watched a kitchen worker touch his cell phone before resuming food prep without washing their hands, as required. Milk and rice were found stored at a temperature too warm to properly stem the growth of bacteria. 

At O’Charley’s, the inspector found no date marks on cooked pasta. These marks are required to assure freshness. The manager was unable to provide answers about employee illness symptoms. Additionally, food was found stored at a temperature too warm to curb bacteria growth. 

Both restaurants have since been rescored to a 98 rating.

Top scoring restaurants this week: 

  • Double S Wine Bar, 129 Gay St, 100
  • Chesapeake’s, 9630 Parkside Dr, 99
  • Full Service BBQ, 10248 Kingston Pk, 99
  • Taco Bell, 7414 Kingston Pk, 99
  • Maple Street Biscuit Company, 9314 Kingston Pk, 99
  • Wendy’s, 6201 Asheville Hwy, 99
  • Wendy’s, 425 E Emory Rd, 98
  • Pizza Inn, 5420 Clinton Hwy, 98
  • Cafe Vicolo, 625 S Gay St, 98
  • Bel Air Grill, 3820 Neal Dr, 98
  • Central Flats & Taps, 1204 Central St, 98
  • Cracker Barrel, 9214 Park West Blvd, 97

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