UPDATE: Flooding problems, road closures throughout East Tennessee

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Heavy rainfall caused widespread flooding and hundreds of road closures across East Tennessee on Saturday.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation reports that along with flooding and slope stability concenrs, there are also downed trees.

TDOT has had crews working on a 24/7 shift since Friday, and will be continuing through Sunday morning to monitor routes for flooding and other possible concerns. 

TDOT and the Knoxville Police Department are urging that you use extreme caution on the roadways. KPD reports around 100 roads within the city limits that are closed due to flooding. 

KPD spokesman Darrell Debusk says rocks and ground are giving way on some roads. They recently received a report of rocks sliding on Alcoa Highway near Gov. John Sevier Highway. 

The Knoxville Police Department is currently operating on a severe weather plan, meaning they will only respond to crashes with injuries. If you are involved in a crash that only resulted in property damage, just exchange insurance information.

Police also want to make sure people do not try to drive around barricades on flooded roads. Not only is it extremely dangerous, but it is also against the law.

Partial list of closed roads in Knoxville:

  • Kingston Pike at Capital Drive
  • Third Creek at Middlebrook
  • Crosspark at Bridgwater
  • Capitol at Kingston Pike
  • Middlebrook at Dowell Springs
  • Dutch Valley at Old Broadway
  • Central at Corum
  • Teawood at Knott
  • Tazewell Pike at Fountain Gate
  • Chapman Highway at Stone
  • Woodrow at Broadway
  • Sutherland Avenue at Cox
  • Wrights Ferry at S. Northshore
  • Kingston Pike at Cedar Bluff
  • Kingston Pike at North Peters Road
  • Kingston Pike at Ebenezer
  • Cedar Bluff at Parkwest
  • Western Avenue at Sanderson
  • 6th Ave at Glenwood
  • Bernard Ave at the Railroad Tracks
  • Loves Creek at Rutledge Pike
  • Cedar Lane at Knox
  • Chilhowee in front of Holston Middle School
  • Callahan at Central
  • Chapman Highway at Dick Ford
  • Broadway at Walker Blvd
  • Walker Blvd at Whittle Springs
  • Ault at Shangri La
  • Hollywood at Kelly
  • Carnation at Clifton
  • McKamey at Matlock
  • Hollywood at Sutherland
  • Sutherlandat Papermill
  • Sutherland at Concord
  • Kingston Pike at Downtown West
  • Candora at Railroad Tracks
  • Cedar Bluff at Dutchtown
  • Mineral Springs at Walker Blvd
  • Cedar Lane at Knox
  • Mildred at Woodhaven
  • Concord at Railroad tracks
  • Hembolt at Creekhead
  • Middlebrook at Third Creek
  • Black Oak at Oak
  • Hall of Fame at Sixth
  • Broadway at McCroskey
  • Beverly at Oakland
  • Mckamey at Saint Lucia
  • Webber Rd
  • Prosser Rd at Knoxville Zoo Drive

Knox County road closures

  • Oak Ridge Highway at Hackworth due to slide
  • Westland between Gallagher View and Sanford Day
  • Everett between Yarnell and I-40 Underpass
  • Ebenezer at Sunoco Market
  • Gordon Smith between Norris Fwy and Pelleaux
  • Martin Mill Pike at Howard Pinkston Library
  • Tedford at Lakefront Drive
  • Peters between George Williams and Ebenezer
  • Harrell at Emory Road
  • Ledgerwood at Ventura Drive
  • Rudder just past Timbergrove Drive
  • Old Emory between Sharp and Powell Drive
  • West Beaver Creek at Fairlane
  • Hightop Road near McMillan
  • Cedar Bluff at Fox Lonas
  • Central Avenue Pike at Irwin
  • Beaver Creek at Central
  • Nuebert Springs at Tipton Station
  • Jim Wolfe at Emory
  • Luttrell between Old Tazwell Pike and Washington Pike
  • Darby Lane off Woods Creek
  • Fordtown road near Burnette Creek
  • Bluegrass at Mourfield

Shelters in Sevier County

Flooding is also reported in areas all across East Tennessee. The Sevier County Sheriff’s Office says emergency shelters are set up at the following locations:

  • Pigeon Forge Community Center, 170 Community Center Drive
  • The Sevierville Community Center, 200 Gary Wade Boulevard
  • Seymour Heights Christian Church, 122 Boyds Creek Highway

Click here for a running list of road closures in Sevier County.

Road closures in Blount County


  • East Lincoln at Eagleton/ Park Drive
  • Cross Creek Drive at Helmsley Court
  • Old Knoxville Pike at McCall Road
  • McCammon at McGhee Street / Home Avenue
  • 411 South at Cloverhill (southbound)
  • White Oak Avenue at Winchester
  • Wilcox at Argonne
  • Mt Tabor / Bus stop to the Railroad
  • Park Dr/ E Lincoln
  • Wildwood / Tipton’s Garage (Electric)
  • W. Lamar Alexander Hwy Front entrance Camellia Trace


  • Wright Rd at Edison/ McArthur
  • Springbrook at McArthur/ Wright/ Edison / Elementary Entrance
  • W Bell / Kelvin
  • Duncan Station 
  • Hall Rd / Associates
  • ​Alcoa Trail / Williams Mill*
  • Stoney Brook / Rocky Waters (tree)

Blount County

  • S Union Grove Rd / Before the school
  • Home Ave / McCammon Ave
  • Vernie Lee / Big Springs
  • Old Railroad Bed / Calderwood Hwy
  • 408 Butler Mill Road
  • Montvale Rd / Old Piney
  • Horace Taylor Rd / All
  • 3000 Old Whites Mill
  • S Old Grey Ridge / Union Grove
  • Webb Rd / Cameron Rd
  • N. Springview Rd 
  • 5621 Indian Warpath
  • Lou Goddard / RR Tracks
  • Dotson Memorial / Morganton
  • McKenry Rd
  • Bethleham Rd
  • River Ford / Pea Ridge
  • Cloyds Church/ Marble Hill
  • John Helton Rd
  • Gateway Rd
  • Old Glory Rd (731)
  • 411 S / Binfield
  • Old Niles Ferry / Tabernacle Church
  • Binfield / RR Bridge
  • Temple/ Ellejoy
  • Jones Bend/ River Oaks
  • Old Walland Hwy / Melrose Station
  • Cold Springs / Old Chilhowee
  • 1241 Jeffries Hollow
  • Mint / Knob Rd
  • Calderwood (mudslide) – update reopened 2:00 p.m.
  • Kagley Chapel / Chota – mudslide (one way red light traffic)
  • Wesley Woods / Old Walland Hwy – mudslide ​(one way red light traffic)
  • Old Walland Hwy – Closed Both Ends
  • Grey Ridge Road / Long Hollow*
  • Williams Mill Rd / Bridge Past Alcoa Trail
  • 321 East at Townsend 4-lane (rockslide) – reopened 
  • 223 Ramsey Road*
  • Doc Manning Road (tree)

The following roads are closed Roane County, according to Dennis Ferguson, road superintendent.

  • Riggs Chapel-The Emory River has crested and is over the road. 
  • Bowers Rd
  • Little Dogwood
  • Tanglewood
  • Pickard Hollow
  • Black Creek
  • Laurel Bluff
  • Clifty Creek
  • Bowman Bend
  • 2800 Block of Old Harriman Hwy
  • Tanglewood off of Webster
  • Cave Creek Road
  • Dogwood Valley
  • Eagle Furnace-Whites Creek over the Road
  • Winton Chapel Road
  • Country Lane

Current locations effected by possible slope failures and high water, according to TDOT.


St Rt 116 at LM 9.4- GSI Responding-Maintenance Contract.  1 lane configuration


St Rt 335 Proffitt Springs Road (5.29 MM) Ponding

St Rt 33 at Hwy 129 (10.38 MM) Ponding

St Rt 35 at 129 to Blount Sevier County line (0- 15.78 MM) Ponding

St Rt 73 at W Millers cove Road to Long Branch Road (22.65-25.94) One Lane Traffic due to slide

US 129 Reported Rocks down at MM 9.3 and 13.  Ops enroute to assess.


St Rt 297 in Campbell (Newcomb area)-High water, but no lane closures.

Interstate 75 in Campbell is being monitored by crews as an area of concern was identified north of Exit 134.


St Rt 361 is closed at LM 3.8-5.9 due to flooding

St Rt 67 at LM 15.7 has one lane closed due to rock slide.

St Rt 67 at Old Stoney Road is closed due to slide.


St Rt 340 between Neil and Turner (5.04 – 7.65) One Lane Traffic due to slide


St Rt 344 at Needmore Road (3.8 MM) closed due to flooding

St Rt 34 at Russelville Elementary School (13.72 MM) closed due to flooding


St Rt 113 at Melinda Ferry Road (3.78 MM) closed due to flooding

St Rt 70 Cave Springs Road to Clinch Valley Rd (15.1 -18.3 MM) closed due to slide

St Rt 66 New Life Road to Clinch Valley Road (23.32 – 26.25) one lane traffic due to slide


St Rt 139 Westford Rd to Workman Road (1.7 to 4.4 MM) closed due to flooding

St Rt 139 Blue Springs Roads 1.09 MM closed due to flooding

St Rt 363 closed due to cracking in roadway (LM 2-2.5)

St Rt 92  road closed due to slide and will remain closed until weather subsides and site is stable.


St Rt 167 closed at LM 7.5 due to slide.

SR 167 Johnson County is closed at LM 4.39 due to flooding.


St Rt 62 at Hackworth Road (3.53 MM) Flooded Roads use caution

St Rt 331 East Emory near Jim Wolfe and Longmire, High Water

St Rt 131 Karns RR underpass, High Water

St Rt 331 at Fountaingate Subdivision, High Water

St Rt 131 near Bell Road, High Water

St Rt 332 between Northshore and Keller Bend (1.95-7.04 MM) roads are flooded and travel not recommended.

Campbell Station on-ramp is closed due to high water


St Rt 72 Closed due to trees/utility lines.  Still waiting on the arrival of AT&T due to high pressure on the lines. Crews will continue to monitor the location.

St Rt 1 (US-11) in Loudon County near Chrisman Road in Lenoir City, near the intersection of SR-73 (US-321).

St Rt 1 (US-11) in Lenoir City is closed at the 13MM. Lenoir City crews are working the lane closure.


St Rt 72.  High water signs present, no lane closures

St Rt 61 near the Junction of SR-327. High water signs present, no lane closures.

Interstate 40 WB Roane County (MM342) has a small slide-no travel impacted at this time (roadside ditch)-geotech has been called.

St Rt 95 near Poplar Creek is closed by Oak Ridge City police due to high water.


St Rt 139 at Bryan Road (6.71) closed due to flooding

St RT 35 at Blowing Cave Road (26.79MM) Travel not recommend

St Rt 338 from Terry Road to Lindsay Road (12.56 – 14 MM) closed due to flooding

St Rt 416 reduced to 1 lane of travel.

St Rt 73 (Gatlinburg) near Rattlesnake Hollow Road, 2 out of 5 lanes closed due to slide.


St Rt 347 has High water reported throughout the route.


St Rt 107 Has High Water reported at LM 5.9


St Rt 61 at Jim Town Road (18.23 MM) closed due to flooding

St Rt 61 Cracking reported in the roadway at Big Ridge in Union County; Geotech has reviewed.  Crews are monitoring


St Rt 353 at Hall Road (11.65 MM) closed due to flooding

St Rt 67 at Cherokee Elementary School (7.28 MM) closed due to flooding

St Rt 75 (Washington County) High Water

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