KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Due to staffing shortages, Austin-East High School is going virtual for a week starting on Monday.

An Austin-East mom of two Breyauna Holloway said, “They’ve missed quite a bit of school already for January and we just come back, and they had Martin Luther King Day off and then we were out all last week district-wide due to staffing shortages and illness and now Austin East is going virtual this week. They’re the only Knox County School that is.”

According to school officials, Austin-East was the only Knox County school that applied to the state for a virtual learning waiver this week.

Holloway has a 10th and 11th grader, LeShaud Holloway and MyShauya Smith. She said her kids do better in the classroom.

“They are not interested in it at all. At all. To them being made to go virtual is comparable to a snow day.” She added, “I don’t think that the students, especially on the high school level, I don’t think that the majority of them take virtual learning as seriously as they do in person.”

On the other hand, Saria Bray says her 16-year-old sophomore just goes with the flow.

“I prefer my daughter be home on virtual and getting some kind of virtual attention than her being in school with 50 kids in one class and not getting actually taught.”

Both Bray and Holloway say their kids have had several teachers who’ve been out of school for days. Bray said, “if it’s just a substitute they don’t know how to teach Chemistry.”

Holloway adds, “these are classes that you have to take and pass in order to your diploma.”

Both agree it’s a little frustrating for parents and students but say with so many people sick throughout the county it’s probably for the best.

“I rather for Knox county to take the precautions to keep all of us safe because it’s not just the students. It’s the students going home to their families and their families catching it also,” Bray said, “even the teachers. The teachers got to go home to their families.”