Bank restores funds stolen from nation’s oldest man and veteran

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AUSTIN, TX (KXAN) — Richard Overton’s cousin says the funds that were stolen from his bank account have been restored by Bank of America.

Volma Overton said the money was stolen by an identity thief. Richard Overton, who is 112 years old, is the nation’s oldest man and veteran. 

The family told KXAN of the theft on Friday, June 29. Money from the account was used to buy savings bonds with Treasury Direct, Volma Overton said.

At the time, he said the family was not sure who was behind the theft, but said it would be terrible if it turned out someone close to the 112-year-old was responsible.

“My mind goes up and down the gamut from A to Z of who it could be, but it could be someone in a foreign country,” Volma said last week.

He would not say how much money was stolen from the account, but said it was a “considerable” amount.

The Austin Police Department said Friday it is working closely with the Overton family on the theft.

This account is separate from the GoFundMe the family has used to help pay for Overton’s care since December 2016.

At $480 per day and nearly $15,000 per month, the family says Overton’s round-the-clock care requires consistent fundraising.

Since Friday, the family says an additional $130,000 has been raised on the GoFundMe page.

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