SEVIER COUNTY, Tenn. (WATE)- One Sevier County woman is recovering after a bear attacked her earlier this week.

“Oh, I was horrified,” Altha Williams said when asked if she was scared when she saw the bear.

She wound up with only some scratches after her encounter with the bear.

Altha Williams says she has bears come onto her property all the time to eat from her apple tree. She says that’s what she suspects a mother bear and her cubs were doing before they heard her come onto her front porch.

Altha said “I got cool in the house with the air conditioner, and I thought I’d sit out here for a while and warm up. I brought me a bottled water, and I hadn’t much more as got sat down, and this bear just come up from there on the porch there and just lunged at me.”

Eighty-nine-year-old Altha said she was horrified when the mother bear with three cubs came right up to her home.

She reenacted the incident saying, “[S]he was right in my face and as I pulled this chair out I guess it got me right here. And I pulled this chair out and it come right in my face, so I just got to pushing the chair like this, and I thought for a minute it wasn’t gonna leave but it finally did and go back out in the yard.”

She immediately called her neighbors who called 911.

“We must’ve had, I don’t know, had five trucks here,” said Wendy Booth. “It was a quick response.”

Altha Williams said she was taken to the hospital by her niece and had to get stitches.

Both Altha and her neighbors, Wendy and Mark Booth, said, bear sightings are not uncommon in this area, but they have been more frequent.

Wendy said, “during the summer we will see them every few days, but it’s increased over the last 10 years “

Her husband Mark adds that usually, they aren’t as aggressive as this one, “That was very uncharacteristic, but it was a mama with cubs.”

TWRA spokesperson Matt Cameron said that the aggressive behavior could be because of an uptick in people feeding the bears.

“Bears constantly think about food, that’s what drives them day in and day out,” he explained. “So you can reduce their attraction to the garbage which is probably one of the easiest simplest things you can do is install bear-resistant containers or keep your trash contained indoors.”

Cameron said it’s important for people to not leave dog or cat food outside and don’t intentionally feed the bears.

“Yesterday could’ve ended very tragically but it didn’t and we’re very thankful for that,” Wendy said. 

Those who live on Abbot Road say they try to scare bears away when they see them, but they also know they’re living in the bears’ homes too.

“We’ve had bears here for years and most of the time they run when they see you,” Altha said. 

The mother bear who scratched Altha was euthanized. TWRA says the yearlings are old enough to live on their own.

TWRA has not captured or tagged the three yearlings and as of now, they don’t have plans to do so. They’re hoping this incident has actually scared them off and they find a new place to call home.