PIGEON FORGE, Tenn. (WATE) — Ashley Adkins, his wife Heather and their family had just settled down for their first night at the cabin they’d rented in Pigeon Forge. Heather was upstairs with their son when Ashley heard a curious noise outside.

“It sounded like somebody busted beer bottles,” Ashley said. “I just thought somebody was having a party or something. I really didn’t do anything.”

Ashley returned to the cabin, and around midnight the sound of a car horn going off drew him back out of the cabin and his wife out of bed.

“We thought it might’ve been a prank,” Heather said “Somebody like the cabin next to us might have been playing a prank. So we went out and nobody came out of the vehicle.”

As the car vigorously shook, the Adkins quickly realized something larger than a human was trapped inside. But their tinted windows paired with the night sky made it difficult to find out just what it was, prompting the couple to call the police.

“It took them about ten minutes to get out there, she shined her flashlight and there was a big old bear that was in there,” she said. “She told me it’s destroying the inside of your car and I’m just like, ‘thank god I have full coverage, thank god I have full coverage.’”

The officer told the Adkins that bears can smell food from five miles away. The couple quickly suspected it was the pack of gummy bears tucked away inside their son’s Spider-Man backpack piqued the bear’s interest.

“It was like it shredded the backpack but it was like it knew how to open the gummies, too, because the gummies looked like a human opened it,” she said.

The Adkins car wasn’t the only in their group who had left food in their car overnight, but they were the only car that had left their car doors unlocked. A lesson, the Adkins learned the hard way.

“Wise lesson, lock your doors. Ours was not locked and theirs were.”