Behind the Badge: Blount County detective battles colon cancer

Behind the Badge

MARYVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — What would you do if you were told you have cancer?

According to the American Cancer Society, in 2020, just under 5,000 people “per day” will be told they have some form of cancer.

For Blount County Sheriff’s Detective Sgt. Mike Seratt, he knows all too well what that experience is like.

An unexpected roller coaster

After undergoing a simple routine blood test, Mike would learn that he is suffering from colon cancer. A disease, as he puts it, that has sent him and his family on an unexpected roller coaster ride.

“We found that about six months after I stopped doing chemo in 2018. It came back and metastasized to my lung,” Mike tells WATE 6 On Your Side. “I started back on chemo in September of 2019. I started back on some very aggressive chemo from September, October, and November. Those were some pretty rough days.”

Today, Mike says he feels pretty good, but the fight goes on.

“I’m doing a maintenance-type chemo now. Just keeps me level now where I can still function normally.” Functioning “normally” is key for Mike moving forward.

“I’m still working full time,” he says, “I try to keep myself motivated by going to work. I’d rather be at work doing something, being around people, talking to people than sitting at home doing nothing.”

Keep motivated and find normalcy

It’s a mindset not lost on those around him.

“I’ve learned to be strong in whatever battle you are fighting. Just keep fighting it,” says Mike’s daughter Annalee. “Trying to still do it all and keep that normalcy has been really difficult,”

Mike’s wife Joni tells WATE 6 On Your Side, “Knowing that there are days where he just doesn’t feel good and he still pushes through for our two children.”

Pushing through is what Sgt. Seratt continues to do. Just not for himself, but for others as well. Getting the message out about colon cancer and the importance of getting checked.

Get checked

“I would say get checked. If you have any history, family history of colon cancer, or any cancers at all – get checked,” he said.

He says if he can help one person avoid going through what he has, then that’s a major accomplishment. “Every cancer is a battle, and you know, just don’t give up on it.”

For more on colon cancer and other forms of cancer, we have attached a link to the American Cancer Society where you can get additional information:

Also, the local Blount County community has planned two events, a February Chili Cook-Off and a March Fun Run, to help the Seratt family as well as spread the word about colon cancer.

For more on both of these events and how you can take part click here:  


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