KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Most of the time, when Jarrod Millsaps is our serving his community, his attire is what you would expect from a Blount County Sheriff’s Office deputy chief. However, Tuesday night, Oct. 19, Millsaps traded in his badge for dancing shoes.

“We’re looking forward to showing what we’ve got,” says Millsaps who has been preparing the last several months to take part in the Blount County Dancing with the Stars event.

The competition was created to raise money for Kingston Design Ministries.

“Our mission is to provide dream makeover’s and home renovations for children that have experienced devastation.” said KDM Development Director Renee Poole. “Just knowing that (Millsaps) is spending his day serving our community in a really impactful way, and then for him to choose to dedicate his time and energy to serve our mission is just really inspiring for all of us.”

That’s why Millsaps, a Blount County native, did not hesitate to strap on the dancing shoes and show off his skills. For him, it’s all part of his pledge to serve.

“There was a gentleman by the name of Robert Peele,” Millsaps said. “He was the godfather of community policing. One of his philosophies and one of his quotes was, ‘The police are the public, and the public are the police.’

“That’s how I try to live. To not only police my community, but I am one of the members of the public and I try to give back in every way that I can.”

A philosophy, that according to Millsaps, is also a reflection upon his peers with the Blount County Sheriff’s Office.

“Working where I work under Sheriff (James) Berrong and his leadership that’s his philosophy,” Millsaps said. “That is truly his philosophy, to get out and help the community. Help the fellow man and that’s it.”

As far as his dance preparations. While he may not be the next Fred Astaire, he says he’s out for one thing.

“Every situation we go in, I want to win. That’s the goal. I want to win.”

And Millsaps and his dancing partner did win coming away with all 10s from the judges in their performance set to music from the movie “Grease.”

Kingdom Design Ministries earned more than $90,000 from the event. To learn more about the ministry, visit