MARYVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A middle school student was charged after threats of violence were posted to a social media post on school grounds, and another student was cited for failing to report the threat, according to Blount County Sheriff James Lee Berrong.

BCSO said a 14-year-old male student was arrested and charged with the threat of mass violence on school grounds by a delinquent. A 13-year-old male student was also cited of failure to report a threat of mass violence by a delinquent.

Deputies responded to reports of a threat made on social media by a student who attends Eagleton College and Career Academy around 7 a.m. Thursday. Berrong said the deputies secured the school and took the students to a safe area.

During the investigation, with the assistance of school officials, school resource officers found the name of the student who made the post and took him into custody around 8:52 a.m.

According to Berrong, the parents and guardians said neither student had access to weapons in their homes.

BSCO said the 14-year-old was taken to Blount County Juvenile Facility where he will be held for a pending hearing in Juvenile Court. The 13-year-old will also be in Juvenile Court.

“We take threats of this nature earnestly,” Berrong said. “Whether or not students make these threats of mass violence as a joke or with ill intention, we look at their actions the same either way and we will charge them accordingly. We must make these juveniles realize how serious these threats are, even if they never planned on taking action. I ask that any student who hears about possible threats of violence by other students to please report it immediately to a school official or the SRO. Our deputies will follow-up on all information.”

This incident comes after Cocke County Sheriff’s Office arrested a juvenile Wednesday after threats were made on social media at a school in the area.