BLOUNT COUNTY, Tenn. (WATE) — The Blount County Sheriff’s Office is asking the public to beware of a possible scam of someone posing as an officer and cheating a resident out of more than $120,000.

Blount County Sheriff’s deputies responded to an incident involving a phone scam on Sept. 12 in the afternoon.

According to Blount County Sheriff James Lee Berrong, a victim told the officers that they received a phone call from a person who claimed to be a federal law enforcement officer.

The person said they would prosecute the victim if they did not pay the money that was owed. The person came to the victim’s home with a bag and the victim gave the money to him.

The victim described the person as a male in his mid-30s with a mustache and who displayed a possible fake badge.

The man also told the victim to transfer money three times from an ATM machine at a location in Knoxville.

The man took more than $120,000 from the victim.

Sheriff’s deputies are aggressively investigating this case. PLEASE do not become a victim of this criminal activity. If you receive a call from someone claiming to work for a law enforcement agency at any level of government claiming you have unpaid fines and that you owe money, HANG UP THE PHONE!  The Blount County Sheriff’s Office, nor ANY law enforcement agency will EVER call an individual to tell them they have unpaid fines, or that they will be arrested if they don’t pay the fines. Law enforcement agencies will NOT call an individual and tell them they have an outstanding warrant for their arrest and they must pay the fine or they will be arrested. And lastly, law enforcement officers will NOT show up to your residence and tell you that you owe money and you must pay or you’ll be arrested. Deputies with the Blount County Sheriff’s Office and representatives of other law enforcement agencies routinely call citizens regarding business, but it is usually regarding business that YOU are already aware of, and deputies and officers will NEVER ask you for money. If you ever suspect you are being scammed by someone claiming to be from local law enforcement, you can call the main number for the agency in question to verify that the individual is employed with them.Sheriff Berrong is asking you to please share this information with family and friends who may not have access to social media. Far too many people are being taken advantage of by ruthless criminals who have no conscience and zero regard for anyone but themselves. BE VIGILANT!!

Blount County Sheriff’s Office