MARYVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — An East Tennessee community is rallying behind a man who was badly injured after a car accident just before Thanksgiving.

“It was raining, and he hit a tree,” Brad Alton’s stepmother Stephanie Alton said. “God has his hand on Brad. Yep, he had his hand on Brad. He’s lucky to be alive and we’re lucky to still have him.”

Hope remains high that Brad will walk again. He is taking it day by day, according to Stephanie.

“It’s just been a lot. The car went in on him and actually severed the artery in his leg, but had it not done that he would have probably bled out on the scene,” she said.

The car Brad was driving along Old Piney Road when he crashed is now crumpled metal. He spent about five days in intensive care at the University of Tennessee Medical Center after he was flown there. Brad has also suffered several blood clots.

“He’s under nurses at home now doing physical therapy. It’s really getting to Brad. He’s always the one that’s on the go,” Stephanie said.

Due to the accident, Stephanie says Brad’s wife is the only source of income for their family of five. And Brad is certainly missed at Matlock Tire in Maryville where he has worked for about 15 years.

“Everybody seemed to work harder when he was around and just be more productive because that’s just how he was,” Manager Joey Stottler said. “And people would see him and just feed off of that energy. You could tell in the last couple of months since he’s been out a difference.”

“He’s got kind of a quirky personality and anyone who knows him loves him,” Stephanie said.

Those in Brad’s circle are rallying around him and his family is holding a fundraiser at the Chilhowee View Community Center on Feb. 4.

“We’ve got multiple gospel groups coming from all over and they’re just donating their time,” Stephanie said. “We’ve got auction items we’re going to auction off. And if people want to come and just support the family and don’t have money to donate, we welcome that too.”

“We love and miss him, but I know his family they’re hurting too because he’s a big part of them. We’re going to cut out early for this just to be a part of it and to be there for Brad and support him,” Stottler said.

Brad’s stepmom added even though his wreck was awful, it has brought the family together.

The fundraiser for Brad and his family starts at 1 p.m. on Saturday.