Boy, 3, dies at home of Kenny Bartley, Campbell County school shooter


VIENNA, Va. (WATE) – The Vienna, Virginia, Police Department is investigating the death of a three-year-old child. The boy’s mother is Erin TePaske, the former counselor for Campbell County school shooter Kenny Bartley, with whom the court granted him permission to live.

Law enforcement was called to Erin TePaske’s home on Mother’s Day for a domestic dispute call, according to a source. The source said the child was later found by law enforcement and transported to the hospital, where he later died. An autopsy result is expected Thursday, according to the source.

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According to Vienna Police Department Community Relations Officer Gary Lose, officers responded to a call for an injured child at 7:59 p.m. Sunday for a 3-year-old male child that had fallen and received a head injury. When officers arrived, the child was being treated by members of the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department, according to Lose.

Police said the child was transported to a hospital where he died on Tuesday. An autopsy has been performed and investigators said they are waiting for the results.

Campbell County Clerk’s Office said there is an active misdemeanor warrant out for Kenny Bartley for probation violations, filed on April 16. According to the arrest warrant Bartley’s alcohol monitoring bracelet, which he was fitted with when he was placed with TePaske, detected multiple violations. Bartley also failed to provide is probation officer with a current physical address and contact information according to paperwork.More:Read a copy of the warrant

WATE 6 On Your Side asked Lose if Vienna Police Department knew about the active warrant for Kenny Bartley. Lose said he doesn’t believe Vienna police knew about the warrant. He said he would bring up the warrant with investigators. Fairfax County Jail, in Virginia, said they have no record of Bartley in their system.

The Campbell County District Attorney’s office said Bartley hasn’t been arrested on the probation violation because it’s a misdemeanor so they can’t extradite him to Tennessee. The DA’s office said if he comes into Tennessee, he would be picked up on the warrant and the DA’s office would ask the judge that Bartley serve the rest of the probation time behind bars.

In February, Bartley pleaded guilty to domestic assault in an incident with his mother. He moved to Virginia, where he lived with his former counselor, TePaske.

Campbell County Judge Shayne Sexton ordered to have Bartley live with his former counselor Erin TePaske in Virginia.

TePaske took the stand during the hearing and asked the judge to allow Bartley to move in with her.

“He will be living in my home which is a three bedroom home in the town of Vienna Fairfax I have set up for him. He is a very good artist. He’s made several paintings. I have a whole art room set up for him,” TePaske testified.

TePaske told the judge she counseled Bartley when he was 14 and has stayed in touch.

“I know Kenneth very well and he’s a great man. I love Kenny. I love his family but he needs to be away from his family. He needs to be completely detached from that side of his family,” said TePaske.

The judge approved Bartley’s move to Virginia and counseling with TePaske as long as he was monitored by a SCRAM bracelet which detects if the person wearing it consumes alcohol.

“Monitoring agency would be notified immediately if he were drinking and hopefully we can deal with that before something bad occurs,” said Campbell County Criminal Court Judge Shayne Sexton.

TePaske told the court there is not be drugs or alcohol in her home.

“I know Kenneth very well and I actually just purchased bulk drug tests,” said TePaske.

WATE 6 On Your Side spoke with Bartley’s mother, Rita Broyles, about the incident in Virginia. Bartley’s father didn’t want to comment.

Broyles said that she received a call on Sunday from Bartley asking her to pray for Beckett because he had an accident. She said her son loved the little boy and wouldn’t hurt him.

Broyles mentioned that ever since her son moved to Virginia, he’s been on a good path.

She and other family members plan to head to Virginia to see Bartley and the little boy’s family. Bartley is still staying at his former counselor’s home, according to his mother.Previous story: Kenny Bartley fitted with alcohol monitoring bracelet, moving to Va.

In 2014 Bartley was found guilty of reckless homicide in the 2005 Campbell County High School shootings and sentenced to time served. He was found guilty of reckless homicide in the death of Assistant Principal Ken Bruce and attempted first degree murders in the shootings of Principal Gary Seale and Assistant Principal Jim Pierce.Previous story: Campbell County school shooter sentenced to time served

Attorney Greg Isaacs, who has served as Bartley’s attorney in the past, issued the following statement to WATE 6 On Your Side:

“Kenneth [Bartley,] along with Erin TePaske are extremely remorseful about the loss of 3-year-old Beckett. I have been in contact with Kenneth and Erin and all signs point to this being an unfortunate and unavoidable accident. Kenneth has cooperated with law enforcement, which is standard in the death of a child. And I anticipate assisting Kenneth if this matter continues, but ask for everyone to respect the privacy of Beckett’s family as this matter progresses.”

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