Brazen bear cub steals dog food off Pennsylvania porch


THORNHURST TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CNN) — A pile of dog food left scattered on the porch of a house near Gouldsboro — and Aidan Newman says it wasn’t the dogs that made the mess, but a small bear.

The bear may have been casing the home since the delivery driver dropped off the boxes from chewy earlier that day.

“Essentially me and my girlfriend got out of the car and she looks over and she’s like ‘oh there is a bear,’ he said. “So I look over and it is probably a 2 to 3-year-old cub standing right there just looking at us and we were like, ‘ah that’s crazy.’ So we go in and I tell my parents and they say, ‘oh it was on the porch before.”

The family looked out the front door and saw the bear dragging a box off the porch and into the woods.

“Since we have Chewy deliver our food, he came back on our porch when we came inside and started munching on it by the tree line,” Newman said.

The bear’s midday treat all caught camera.

Newman showed us the box the bear ripped open.

“I thought it was funny, I thought it was cute, too, when we came back out because me and my girlfriend were just coming in to grab some things and then we were heading back out and he was just hiding in the box chilling in the shade and kept munching on it until we left,” Newman said.

Who may not have been amused by the bear’s actions?

Cleo the goldendoodle and Bella the saint bernard.

“Their food was now gone,” Newman said. “I don’t think they were too happy about it.”

Officials from chewy saw the video and decided to hook up the family with a free box to replace the one the bear got into.

“I have never seen a bear do that before so it was pretty crazy that we caught it on camera,” Newman said.

Newman says from now on his family plans to take in the deliveries from chewy quickly so the bear doesn’t end up as a repeat offender.

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