NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The brother of Minnesota Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan has become the second person in Tennessee to die as a result of COVID-19, according to Flanagan.

Flanagan revealed the information about the death of her brother Ron, a “tough-as-nails Marine,” in a public post to her Instagram page late Sunday night.

She wrote, “To many, he’ll be a statistic: Tennessee’s second COVID-related death. But to me, I’ll remember a loving, older brother, uncle, father, and husband.”

Flanagan said her brother died Saturday, several weeks after being diagnosed with cancer.

“His immune system was compromised and he contracted COVID-19,” she wrote. “He was put in a medically induced coma and placed on a ventilator. He fought it as hard as he could but it was simply too much for his body. THIS is why we must #StayHome.”

Following her brother’s death, Flanagan urged people to practice ‘social distancing.’

“If you feel fine, that’s great,” she said. “But please consider the possibility that you’re carrying the virus and don’t know it, and then you walk past the next Ron, my big brother, in public.”

Vanderbilt University Medical Center confirmed the second person to die in Tennessee from the coronavirus passed away at their hospital and said the person lived in a county adjacent to Davidson County. Flanagan did not reveal which county her brother called home.