MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) — Six months ago, Bucee-s officially arrived in Tennessee.

Tennesseans can find brisket and beaver nuggets in Crossville, and soon Murfreesboro.

“Overall people seem really excited,” said John Iaccheri.

Iaccheri is known to most on social media as “The Murfreesboro Guy,” and he has been tracking this info down for a while.

Over a year ago, he posted a video after learning about the Buc-ee’s land deal.

“I spoke with Shayne McFarland the mayor and he confirmed it, and so I just went out there and did the announcement about it and it went crazy,” he said.

He posted more updates but Wednesday, Dec. 28, he confirmed new details people have been waiting on.

“I happened to have had a chance run-in with a guy that’s on the construction crew with the new project here in Murfreesboro, and I was able to see the construction dates and everything and it’s really happening,” said Iaccheri.

Iaccheri learned construction will begin in August 2023, with the travel center slated to open by September 2024.

But 80 miles away, people in Clarksville are getting their own Buc-ee’s too.

Visit Clarksville Tennessee announced a Buc-ee’s is also slated to open just off Exit 1.

Media and marketing director Michelle Dickerson shared this statement:

“From a tourism perspective, Buc-ee’s is one of several new openings expected in Clarksville in 2023. Over the next couple of years, Buc-ee’s, the F&M Bank Arena, the Wings of Liberty Museum and the Doubletree mixed-use development will all be major attractions and economic engines for the area once they come to fruition. At this time, we don’t any more details about the Buc-ee’s Travel Center.

Many are excited, but residents in both cities are worried about the traffic.

“If I’m correct from what I saw, they’re planning a lot of infrastructure changes over there to help with that traffic,” said Iaccheri. “With traffic lights and widening the roads and things like that, so hopefully that won’t be an issue.”

A contract for land in Clarksville is all that’s been confirmed so far, but for the City of Murfreesboro, Buc-ee’s is just another example of the growth the city’s experiencing.

“As those bigger projects have come about and emerged, it’s just sprouted up a whole bunch of things around it,” said Iaccheri. “So, I really think that area is going to be booming when they come to fruition over there.”

News 2 did reach out to Buc-ee’s whose General Counsel did confirm they are building a new travel center in Murfreesboro with construction anticipated to start in the 4th quarter of 2023.

Their General Counsel also said they do have a potential location under contract in Clarksville, adding they are working through the necessary due diligence.