KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The Blackhorse Pub & Brewery announced closing the downtown Knoxville building Sunday morning.

According to a Facebook post made by the business, the Knoxville location is officially closed as of Sunday, Jan. 8. The post adds that the staff received the last pints before leaving.

“Our building got new ownership a few months ago who are looking to take it in a different direction. It is the same group developing Kimball’s building (Sapphire) next door. We have sold our operation to Kennedy Concepts who will be doing a remodel and opening a new concept there,” Blackhorse Pub & Brewery said in the Facebook post.

Blackhorse Pub & Brewery in Knoxville
The Blackhorse Pub & Brewery’s location in Knoxville before its official closure. (Courtesy of Jeff Robinson)

According to the business, they are happy for the great memories in the downtown area like the University of Tennessee winning against Alabama in football, the Pride parade and nights when the Tennessee, Bijou and Civic Auditorium all had events.

“We have to admit we won’t miss KPD doing stings on Georgia weekend, KUB turning the Promenade Deck over to Premier Parking or the almost insurmountable homeless problem,” Blackhorse Pub & Brewery said. “We would like to say thanks to all of our customers who have visited us downtown.”

Blackhorse Pub & Brewery is inviting everyone to come to their other location in Alcoa on 441 N. Hall Road.