KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Tranzonic is hiring.

Tranzonic’s largest manufacturing and distribution facility in Knoxville is looking for some help to keep up with high demand.

The company is distributing products that are essential to everyone’s health and safety such as N95 masks, sanitary supplies, wipers and towels and other health supplies.

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Executive Vice President of Operations Brian Rhoades says, “Over the past several weeks we’ve seen an increase of over 40 percent in sales and output, and it’s created a situation where we need to go to a seven-day operation now. Everybody on the team is really stepping up to their part.”

But there’s still looking to fill some positions, “We know we’re going to hire at least 10 people for all different shifts to maintain level of volume our customers are in demand for.”

As they continue to operate, the company is taking the necessary precautions to keep their employees safe by doing daily screenings, taking temperatures and asking the questions the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises to ask those entering the building.

As a leader in the community, Rhoades says they have enlisted the help of other community members to help them stay in business.

“We’ve hired dental hygienists to do the screening for us around the clock, and today we’ve got a local restaurant that will be providing boxed lunches to our teams. So, we’re trying to reach out to the community like that as well,” he said.

And as for who they are looking to hire, Tranzonics operation administrator Louann Childress says, “people that want to come in and be a team player. We all support each other out here, whether it’s working on production or working in the distribution center, we just want people who don’t mind showing a little compassion and showing a little drive.”

Rhoades says their team at Tranzonics continues to rally at a much needed time, and are aware there are others in a less fortunate situation.

Tranzonics employee Dreama Stacy says she knows friends who have been laid off or are temporarily out of work because of the coronavirus pandemic and is grateful to have a job during this time.

“Thank God that I’m still able to come to work,” she said.

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