WHITE OAK, Tenn. (WATE) — Beavers are causing huge problems for the White Oak community in Campbell County. The unusual issue was reported about two weeks ago to County Mayor Jack Lynch by a resident who owns land in the area.

“A man named David Marlow came and had a discussion with me and I didn’t realize that there would be a lot of damage,” Lynch said. “I thought beavers are beavers, but we got educated about them quickly.”

That new education has him and State Representative Dennis Powers looking to find ways to mitigate the issues caused by the dams and the best way they know how to fix it is money.

“My role is to try and find some funding hopefully through the state with TDEC or TWRA,” Representative Powers said. “We even talked about the West Tennessee River Basin Authority and how they had put some things together to help solve the problem in West Tennessee.”

Beavers burrow their way under the waterway before making their way into the dam that they made as a home which causes issues for farmers and their equipment.

“The problem is that they live in the streams, Mayor Lynch said. “They tunnel underwater and come above the water where it is dry, and they have a home under there. When a tractor drives over, it falls through.”

Current estimates for removing the beaver dams are around $8,000 but because it is a recurring issue the total amount is unknown. Officials are trying to find ways to get that money without making the people of White Oak or Campbell County pay to get the problem fixed.