CAMPBELL COUNTY, Tenn. (WATE) – Campbell County road crews were hard at work Monday after the area was one of the hardest hit by snowfall that blanketed much of East Tennessee Sunday and into Monday morning.

“We haven’t noticed a lot of snow tires here,” said Mike Chapman as he filled up his tank at a Campbell County gas station. “just said to my wife, ‘I should’ve brought your car,’ because it had snow tires on.”

Chapman and his wife are just passing through. They started their journey in Ontario and are on their way to Florida for a vacation. He also works as a truck driver. He explained while he’s used to this type of weather, it still slowed them down late Sunday night as the snow moved in.

“We didn’t expect this,” said Chapman. “We had dry roads to Cincinnati last night and then we had a wall of snow in Lexington.”

The couple said they would rather play it safe than be sorry.

That’s where the road crews in Campbell County come into play. The team is made up of 16 snow plows and is responsible for 700 miles of coverage.

“We basically worked around the clock since last night,” said Ron Dilbeck, the Road Superintendent for the county. “When the snow starts, we start plowing the snow and do not stop.”

Dilbeck said they’ve been prepping for this week’s snow system for the last week. He also said is was Monday morning’s second band of snow that put them behind.

“We had a lot of the main roads clear last night and then the second band came through this morning,” he began. “It covered everything back up, so we had to start all over.”

Getting slammed back-to-back with this type of weather also left some damage.

“Probably a couple of hundred trees last night and we got crews getting trees today, it’s a big deal,” Dilbeck said.

As the crews in Campbell County continue to clean-up, there is some advice for those who think they’ll venture out into the cold.

“Be safe, if you do have to get out, be cautious,” Dilbeck advised. “I would try to avoid from going out at all.”

Chapman said from his experience on the roads, it’s all about taking things slow. “Take your time, slow and steady always wins the race.”