Campus safety a priority during UT move-in, as the population grows by the thousands


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – It’s almost that time for classes to begin at the University of Tennessee – and with it comes tens of thousands of students moving in and adding to the city’s population.

“The Fort Sanders area almost doubles – even almost triples – in size of with students coming in,” said Lt. Tammy DeBow with the Knoxville Police Department.

As the population surrounding campus increases, so does the risk for crime.

Just this past weekend there was an armed robbery and multiple attempted carjacking in the Fort Sanders neighborhood.

“We just encourage folks to become a little more aware, don’t leave anything in plain view in your vehicles, make sure your vehicles are locked, don’t leave the keys in your vehicles, don’t leave it running,” DeBow said. “It’s a college town, we are big into college football – there’s a lot of tailgating, a lot of parties that go on, one of the things that’s encouraged, and having patrolled that area years ago, a lot of people like to have parties and there may be people that come to your party that you don’t know.”

That’s when it’s important to know who’s inside your home, and once they leave, to check for doors and windows that may have been left unlocked.

“And then you’re going to see – with the new construction being completed down on Cumberland – you’re going to see a little more traffic congestion. A lot of the students that come in aren’t from around this area, so it’s really difficult for them to navigate the one-ways,” DeBow said.

DeBow advises always being aware of your surroundings and staying hyper-vigilant for not only your personal safety but the safety of your belongings.

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