One woman in Chattanooga thought she had rescued a sweet little kitten from the side of a road only to learn later she had picked up a bobcat.

While driving down Graysville Road, Jill Hicks recently saw a kitten darting across it.

Later after consulting with neighbors, she realized what she rescued was actually a bobcat.

Hicks took her to a local wildlife sanctuary where she was named Arwen. The wildlife rescue hopes to have Arwen until March. After that, the bobcat will be released in a protected area close to where she was found.

As for Hicks, she says she wouldn’t have done anything differently.

“Even though I thought she was a kitten, had I known she was a bobcat, in that small and in that high trafficked area, I still would have done the same thing.”

– Jill hicks

A reminder that bobcats are wild animals and can be dangerous. The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency says bobcats can be found all around the state.

Wildlife rescue officials say there are ways to tell the difference between kittens and young bobcats.

Bobcats always have spots, whereas spots or spotted marks are rare in domestic cats. Also, a bobcat kitten will sometimes have black tuffs on the ears, another trait that is rarely seen in domestic cats.