TELLICO PLAINS, Tenn. (WATE) — A child suffered a dog bite Sunday while playing at the home of their grandparents’ neighbor with other children.

The incident report released by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office on Monday states an Animal Control deputy responded to the residence where the alleged dog attack took place – on Gay Lee Lane, Sunday afternoon following the incident.

The initial call reporting the injury to MCSO was from the Starr Regional Hospital in Etowah.

According to the incident report, the people identified as the owners of the Pitbull mix got it on Valentine’s Day from a guy they say they had met once. There were no known shot records or paperwork for the dog.

The dog owners told Animal Control that the children had come over to their house from next door, where the children’s grandparents live, to play with their children in their yard. The owners saying the dog had not shown any type of aggression toward them or their small children.

The mother of the child who was bitten by the dog told investigators her child was at their grandparent’s house visiting when they asked to go play with the neighbor’s children next door. They were given permission and went; the mother said the children had never been to that residence before. The child’s mother saying her child had been pushing another child on a bicycle and the dog “came out of nowhere” and grabbed her child by the arm.

The child suffered a dog bite would and possible nerve damage from the attack. They were taken to Starr Regional Hospital.

Animal Control has gone several times to the residence where the dog is currently being quarantined. The dog owners have been instructed by Animal Control to find the original owner to get the dog’s records.

No arrests were made and no charges have yet been filed.