Children of 2013 Hawkins Co. murder victim say mother’s accused killer was at one point a good friend


KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL) – Earlier this week, a Kingsport woman was arrested in connection with the cold case murder of Regilla Stacy in Hawkins County.

“There’s been times and periods where it seems like it’s been forgotten or I even kind of feel guilty to myself because I feel like not that I’ve forgotten it but I’m not trying hard enough anymore,” said Stacy’s son, Darin Brandt. “We finally have that first piece that we needed I just took a very long time to get there.”

Monday, Tina Luster was charged with the first-degree murder of Stacy. Stacy’s children say Luster was at one point a good friend of their mother.

“I called her to let her know that you know that mom had passed away because they had a falling out about 10 months prior to my mother’s death. And no, they hadn’t been speaking for about 10 months but you know since I did think that they were such good friends I did call her and she did answer and she said something that was really chilling but I just thought I was kind of weird at that time,” said Stacy’s daughter, Kaisha Hickey. “Just said that she told her that something was going to happen to her like this if she didn’t quit but she never said if she didn’t quit anything she never said what it was what it could be.”

Kaisha and Darin don’t think Luster acted alone.

“She was brutally beaten and shot multiple times and we just need I just want the community to remember what kind of evil that Tina Luster is what kind of person that she is and how she can do something like this to somebody,” Hickey said.

Stacy’s children say she was loving and giving.

“She would literally give you the shirt off of her back and as much as I hate to say this I really think that’s what put her in the position and got her where she is now,” Hickey said.

But they both say, she wasn’t perfect.

“Even though she didn’t make the best decisions sometimes, no one deserves to be killed. No one deserves to lose their life that way so no matter how bad of a person she may have been to someone, she did not deserve that,” said Brandt.

“These drugs out here are taking control over people’s minds and bodies and their spirits and you’re a totally different person when you’re on these drugs I mean she didn’t deserve this,” added Hickey.

Now, they hope others will come forward with more information.

“Now that we finally have somebody in custody, we’re gonna have to start brand new,” said Hickey. “We’re going to be finding out new things and things that we didn’t know before.”

“We’re at step one where I thought we would be day one and we’re seven and a half years behind,” Brandt added. “The more and more chatter that there is about this the more and more it’s gonna be more hearsay come around more things that we’re gonna hear more information we’ll be able to step up and then take on to the TBI agents.”

Luster is in the Hawkins Co. Jail on a $150,000 bond. Stacy’s children told News Channel 11 they hope to seek the death penalty and are waiting to find out when Luster will be arraigned.

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