WAVERLY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Although three months have passed since devastating floodwaters swept through Waverly, the area is far from recovered.  

Day after day, Humphreys County Sheriff Chris Davis has been working to heal his community. 

“Overall, it’s been an emotional rollercoaster,” Sheriff Davis said.  

Many have been working hard to restore what’s been lost, but with the cleanup comes renewed heartbreak.  

“When you’re looking at now, what’s it going to look like when that pile’s gone or that pile’s gone, and then you come down Main Street in Waverly and you see another house gone and you just keep seeing the holes punched and that kind of deal,” Sheriff Davis explained.  

Progress continues to be marked by stacks of debris gathered and towed away. The exact number is hard to know, but Sheriff Davis says many are still displaced and living with neighbors or family. 

“I honestly feel that if we could get Waverly close to being back where it was, that we’re probably going to take every bit of 10 years. And people are like, ‘Sheriff, that’s a long time. We’ve got a lot gone,’” Sheriff Davis said.  

Three months later, Sheriff Davis said the county has two main needs. The first is volunteers with trucks who can help clear piles of debris. If you can offer that, you’re asked to call the Humphreys County Sheriff’s Office at 931-296-2301

With Christmas right around the corner, the county also needs help with the county’s annual Angel Tree program. Angel Trees will be at the Waverly Walmart, Dickson Walmart, Trull Pharmacy, and Memories and Marmalade in McEwen. The program will run from November 22 to December 10. For more information, call 931-209-9430

Even though Sheriff Davis knows a long road to recovery lies ahead, he’s committed to however long it takes to restore his community.  

“It’s going to take every bit of that and every person that’s wanting to fight back and build back and overcome this thing. It’s going to take us all continuing to work together and doing [everything] to put our home back the way it was,” he said.

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