CLARKRANGE (WATE) – A Clarkrange High School baseball coach was arrested on his way to a game for DUI and drug charges, according to the Fentress County sheriff.

Roger Webb, 52,is charged with two counts of possession of a Schedule II controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a legend drug, violation of light law, financial responsibility and failure to keep in the proper lane of travel.

According to an arrest report, a Fentress County deputy saw a white truck pass him on Highway 127 while he was watching traffic with a radar gun. The truck was straddling the white line separating the two southbound lanes. The driver also made two lane changes without signaling and almost hit another vehicle.

When the deputy pulled Webb over, he reported Webb had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech, saying he needed to get to the ballgame. Webb denied drinking or taking any medication, and when he was told he was straddling the center line and almost hit another car, he claimed to have been on the phone.

Webb agreed to a field sobriety test on which he performed poorly. A K9 searched his truck and found several bottles and a ziplock bag containing pills along with rolling papers.

A representative of Fentress County Schools has not yet returned a phone call requesting comment.