NEWPORT, Tenn. (WATE) – Fire crews will remain at the site of Scott Recycling in Newport after a massive fire leveled the building late Monday.

Fire crews responded to a massive blaze around 9:15 on Monday night at Scott Recycling. The Cocke County Emergency Management Agency said every first response agency in Cocke County and the City of Newport responded to the scene.

Fire crews continued to pour water at the site as of early Tuesday afternoon.

“You can still smell the burning plastic smell, you smell it all through town right now,” Ben Burns who lives nearby said. “The heat you can feel it from a few hundred yards away last night. On top of the heat already I know the firefighters were cooking in all of their gear.”

Several people from the community brought food and water to the first responders. “They’re first responders and you do what you can to help out,” Burns said.

Daniel Reece responded to the scene as well. The 15-year-old is part of the cadet program at the Cosby Volunteer Fire Department, According to the Cocke County Emergency Management team, he took charge of the staging and resupply area at the Fairgrounds.

“15, it kind of goes through your head, but at that point I was like, ‘I a job I gotta do,'” Reece said. “There’s guys on the front line doing that. I’m out here trying to make sure they got what they need for their safety to get the fire out.”

James Brown, the head of maintenance at Scott Recycling, said employees are trying to figure out what is next.

“It’s a lot of confusion of what we are going to do next, “Brown said. “It hurts because we live week to week.”

Though unsure of the future, Brown remains optimistic.

“Just kind of waiting and talking to my boss and go from there,” Brown said. “It’s a great company to work for and a great guy to work for and I don’t want to leave them, so we just have to go from there.

“We have another warehouse in Knoxville. Maybe we might move up there. There is no telling, but first we go to let this right here get dealt with.”

Authorities say no one was injured. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

The building is a total loss. Fire crews will continue to monitor the scene for the next day or two.