NEWPORT, Tenn. (WATE) — First responders in Cocke County are getting a boost with the creation of a new Search and Rescue team comprised of volunteers.

The newly-formed Newport Search and Rescue team is made up of nearly a dozen members.

“We have a bike trail coming in, Freddie Gregg, a member of the team said. “That’s what started the search and rescue for the bike trail.”

Members of the team are entirely volunteers, including two doctors. The Newport Search and Rescue Team responding to calls that are passed down from the existing Newport Rescue Squad.

“We all have phones that have an alert setting on it that sends us the grid coordinates to the actual locations,” Jackie Stewart, member of the team said. “As far as where we are supposed to be looking.”

Cocke County is considered mostly rural, so the extra manpower is a huge help to first responders.

“To find lost or injured in rural areas or the wilderness,” Steward said. “Once we locate them to provide initial care and then get them to more advanced care treatment.”

The Newport Search and Rescue Team responded to a call on Monday of a hiker that was lost.

“One of the firemen had a cross country bike, motorcycle, and he rolled up the trail and found him before he got up there,” Gregg said. “We had to cut trees that were laying up across the trail to get to him.”

The Newport Search and Rescue Team is looking for volunteers. If you are interested, you’re asked to contact the Newport Rescue Squad at